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W1 Wheeled Quadruped: Rolls on Wheels and Strides on Legs

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Country: China

Year: 2023


It will roll, stroll, and go for a patrol, but won't fall no matter the terrain – meet W1, the wheeled quadruped by LimX Dyanmics

Status: Startup, Commercially available

Operation: Autonomous

Robot Type / Domain: Multi/General-Purpose, Research, Industrial, Emergency & Disaster Response, Other Infrastructure

Tasks: Industry Inspection, Fire detection, Emergency rescue, Logistics, & More

Whimsical Intro (by addoobot)

Half dog, half car, but not like this image—The W1 is a unique blend of dog and car. Why? So you can 'roll' in or 'step' into action, whichever suits your fancy. Find out how it all works below.

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Capabilities of the LimX Dynamics W1 Wheeled Quadruped
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Biped Capabilities of W1 Wheeled Quadruped
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Earlier Version, X1 Prototype, Deployed in a Steel Factory
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Earlier Version, X1, Going Up and Down Stairs

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A Legged Robot with Wheels, But Why?

The problem with wheeled robots is that they can't go up the stairs or traverse complex terrain. You can solve this problem with a quadruped, but then you would lose the ability to zip across a path efficiently. Unless, of course, you combine the best of both worlds! Add wheels to a quadruped and we get the W1, LimX Dynamics' groundbreaking wheeled quadruped robot.

The W1 quadruped combines the agility of the legs with the speed of the wheels. On relatively flat surfaces and ramps, its wheels provide rapid, energy-efficient travel with a speed of up to 10m/s. It can also adjust its height to navigate areas with low clearance, a difficult task for traditional quadrupeds that lack wheels and may struggle to maintain forward motion while keeping a low-height configuration. When encountered with obstacles, the W1 locks its wheels and uses its legs to navigate stairs, curbs, and uneven terrain with ease.

Let's dive deeper into the other features of this incredible quadruped.

Bipedal Movement for Human-like Interaction

What makes the W1 truly amazing is its ability to stand and walk on two legs, or to glide on two wheels. This allows it to rotate on the spot, make sharp turns, navigate tight corners, and even be easily pushed or guided by a human while standing tall on its two legs.

These bipedal abilities of the W1 quadruped are particularly useful in environments like warehouses and manufacturing facilities, where space is at a premium and there are many shelves and obstacles. The W1's bipedal movement allows it to weave through narrow aisles and adapt to complex layouts with ease.

Other Features: High-Performing Actuators and Advanced Perception

As discussed above, the W1 quadruped has impressive bipedal capabilities and can traverse complex terrain. Such capabilities are possible thanks to its innovative and superior actuators. These actuators provide the W1 with the stability, efficiency, and reliability needed to handle and adapt dynamically to challenging conditions, such as traversing gravel roads or ascending slopes.

However, having powerful actuators without sensory input and smart algorithms isn't sufficient. To navigate and interact with its surroundings, the W1 needs to observe its environment, understand obstacles, and plan its movements on the fly. To achieve this, it is equipped with advanced real-time perception algorithms.

Applications Across Industries

The versatility of the W1 quadruped makes it ideal for various applications. For instance, its ability to climb stairs and navigate confined spaces makes it perfect for inspections in industrial settings, such as power plants and chemical factories. Its ability in fast wheeled locomotion makes it great for rapid response in emergency or search and rescue missions.

This hybrid approach also makes it an excellent choice for last-mile delivery where it can move fast on the roads while having the ability to climb curbs and handle rugged terrain. Additionally, for researchers and educators, it's a two-in-one platform, i.e. both a mobile robot and a legged robot, which opens up more opportunities for developing new algorithms and testing innovative robotic solutions.

Brief History

LimX Dynamics was founded in 2022 and is headquartered in Shenzhen, China. The company has quickly established itself with innovative technologies in legged robotics, focusing on humanoids, quadrupeds, and bipedal robots.

The company is passionate about research and development to devise ingenious technologies ranging from high-quality hardware, such as actuators, to advanced software and smart algorithms for perception, planning, and control.

The W1 was officially launched in late 2023, showcasing its ability to integrate legged and wheeled mobility.

Technical Specifications

Min. Size: 940L  450W  650H (mm)

Min. Size: 37.008L  17.717W  25.591H (in)

Max. Size: N/A

Max. Payload: 15 kg

Max. Payload: 33.069 lbs

Weight: 40 kg

Weight: 88.185 lbs

Max. Locomotion Speed: 10 m/s

Max. Locomotion Speed: 32.808 ft/s

Max. Slope: N/A

Battery Operated? Yes

Average Runtime: N/A

Max. Runtime: N/A

Battery Recharge Time: 1.5 hr(s)

Gaits: Dynamic, Walk, Run, Bound, Creep, Other

Number of Legs: 4

DOFs per Leg: N/A

DOFs per Arm/Manipulator: N/A

DOFs (total): N/A

Manipulation: N/A

IP Rating: N/A

Operating Temperature: N/A

Open-source? N/A

Price: N/A

Speed on wheels: 5.98m/s with option to go up to 10m/s

Movements and Mode: Can rotate in place, make lateral movement (left and right), move backward and forward. It can also utilize wheeled motion, legged motion, or both together.

Charging Power | Charging Max. Current: 500W | 10A

Sensors: 5 Stereo Cameras with 360 degreed Field Of View (FOV)

Power supply: 24V

Battery: Capacity 864Wh (48V / 18000mAh) • Quick battery swap & automatic recharging

Data Transmission / Communication: Ethernet port * 1 / USB Type-C port * 1

No more specs to show.

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Comment by addoobot - Our Perspective

LimX Dynamics is heavily invested in research and development, with over 80% of its employees dedicated to R&D and more than 130 academic papers published to date. We believe this commitment, combined with a strong team of experts, suggests that many groundbreaking technologies and improvements are yet to come. Regarding the W1 quadruped, what we find particularly intriguing is the combination of the agility of a quadruped with the speed and efficiency of wheels, making the best use of both worlds. The ability to stand on two legs and move with bipedal motion is equally impressive. If you haven't watched the videos yet, we highly recommend it—you won't be disappointed. Have any insights? Please comment below.

addoorable score:
Undoubtedly 'addoorable' and a joy to watch, especially when it springs into action with its wheels and bipedal movements!

Top 5+ Qualities (by addoobot)

What we find to be the top qualities of W1 wheeled quadruped by LimX Dynamics:

  • Versatile Locomotion: Combining legged and wheeled mobility to efficiently navigate various terrains.​
  • Bipedal Capabilities: Can stand and move on two legs, allowing it to navigate tight spaces and perform tasks in confined environments.
  • Advanced Perception: Real-time terrain perception and motion control algorithms for dynamic adaptability​​.
  • High-Dynamic Motion: High-performing actuators for movement across complex terrains​.
  • Diverse Applications: Suitable for industrial inspections, emergency response, research applications, and more.

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