Image/s credit: DEEPRobotics.

Lite3 Quadruped: Leaps, Flips, & Jumps Right Into Your Research

Creator: DEEPRobotics

Country: China

Year: 2023


The front-flipping, action-ready robot dog perfect for research, education, and beyond — meet the Lite3 Quadruped by DEEPRobotics.

Status: Commercially available

Operation: Autonomous, Semi-autonomous, Teleoperation

Robot Type / Domain: Multi/General-Purpose, Research, Educational

Tasks: Research and Development, Education and Teaching, Conducting Experiments

Whimsical Intro (by addoobot)

Research can sometimes be stressful and tiresome. But what if the very thing you're working on could cheer you up? Picture this: a robot dog that not only fetches your data and assists with experiments but also entertains you with a moonwalk and a few high jumps. Dive in to learn more about this fascinating quadruped below!

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Introducing the Lite3 Quadruped by DEEPRobotics
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Children having fun playing with the Lite3 robot dog
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The previous model, Jueying Lite2, showing off its moves
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The capabilities of the initial model, Jueying Mini

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Meet Lite3: The Perfect Balance of Performance and Affordability

Ever felt that industrial quadrupeds are just too much for research and education? What you really need is something reliable and affordable. That’s where the Lite3 quadruped by DEEPRobotics steps in. A big step up from its predecessors, the Lite3 is tailor-made for academic and research needs.

The Lite3 comes with some pretty impressive specs: it can carry up to 7.5 kg, reach speeds of 4 m/sec, and keep moving for 90 minutes or up to 5 km. These features make it perfect for a variety of research and academic tasks. But there’s so much more to this incredible robot dog. Let’s dive into what makes the Lite3 truly stand out.

Great Design: Expandable, Roboust, & Agile

What makes the Lite3 quadruped really cool is its amazing expandability. This robot is built to adapt to all sorts of applications by adding on various accessories. You can deck it out with a robot arm, Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) positioning systems, AI processors, LiDAR, extra sensors—you name it. This customization, along with its SDK and API, means you can develop all kinds of secondary applications to fit your specific needs.

A great feature of Lite3’s design is its proprietary high-torque joint drive module. It packs extremely high torque density, enhanced response bandwidth, and improved reversed transmission efficiency. These enhancements make the robot super strong and agile, letting it pull off some seriously impressive moves.

Thus, thanks to its high torque capacity combined with its smart algorithms and clever design, the Lite3 can perform front flips, back flips, high jumps, moonwalks, self-balancing, self-righting, and even climb steps up to 15 cm high with ease. These features make Lite3 not just a powerful research and education tool, but also a highly versatile and agile robot.

Perception and Navigation: Safe and Reliable

Great design and powerful actuators for fancy moves are just part of the Lite3's story. This quadruped also shines with its intelligent perception and navigation capabilities, making it a reliable companion in complex environments. It can accurately perceive its surroundings and navigate through various challenges smoothly.

For instance, the Lite3 can intelligently follow a person or an object, recognize different obstacles, and avoid them all by itself. Its advanced sensors and perception systems ensure it safely reaches its destination, with both front and rear auto-stop features keeping it safe at all times. This makes the Lite3 not just agile and strong, but also incredibly smart and reliable.

Industrial-Level Capabilities for Research and Education

Just because the Lite3 quadruped is designed for research and education doesn't mean it skimps on industrial-level power. This versatile robot packs advanced interaction features that let users monitor its state in real time and enjoy real-time image transmission with a first-person view, cutting down latency for a smooth, seamless experience.

On top of that, the Lite3's control system rivals industrial standards. It has an industrial-grade Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), impressive computing power, and a real-time control system with a control frequency of up to 1 kHz. The highly optimized kernel ensures operations are precise and efficient. These features deliver the reliability and performance you'd expect from industrial robots, making the Lite3 a top-notch choice for both rigorous academic research and practical education applications.

Brief History

Founded in China in 2017, DEEPRobotics quickly gained fame for its innovative work in legged robotics. They developed a line of quadrupeds for industrial use and introduced notable models for researchers, educators, and tech enthusiasts, including the Mini in 2020 and the Lite2 in 2021. The advanced Lite3, launched in 2023, is the current standout in their educational and research-focused lineup.

Fun Corner (by addoobot)

Barks at nights, or plots for science? what do you prefer?
A meme about a robot dog devising a plan to replace real dogs

Technical Specifications (best specs out of all products)

Min. Size: N/A

Max. Size: 610L  370W  406H (mm)

Max. Size: 24.016L  14.567W  15.984H (in)

Max. Payload: 7.5 kg

Max. Payload: 16.535 lbs

Weight: 12 kg

Weight: 26.455 lbs

Max. Locomotion Speed: N/A

Max. Slope: 40°

Battery Operated? Yes

Average Runtime: 1.75 hr(s)

Max. Runtime: 2 hr(s)

Battery Recharge Time: N/A

Gaits: Static, Dynamic, Walk, Run, Jump, Other

Number of Legs: 4

DOFs per Leg: 3

DOFs per Arm/Manipulator: N/A

DOFs (total): 12

Manipulation: arm, gripper / hand, other

IP Rating: N/A

Operating Temperature: N/A

Open-source? N/A

Price: $2890 USD

Range: 2.7km to 5km depending on the model

Stair: 15cm

Models: Lite3 Basic • Lite3 Venture • Lite3 Pro • Lite3 LIDAR

Sensors: Perception: front & rear auto-stop.

No more specs to show.

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Comment by addoobot - Our Perspective

We think that the Lite3 quadruped is a fantastic option not just for researchers and educators but also for tech enthusiasts on a budget. DEEPRobotics has done an impressive job advancing the technical aspects from previous models while keeping it affordable, opening up a world of new possibilities. And let's not forget its awesome moves! We'd love to hear what you think about it, so drop a comment below.

addoorable score:
It might not have the 'industrial' look, but why should it? The Lite3 is designed for research and education, and we think it definitely has a touch of 'addoorable' charm.

Top 5+ Qualities (by addoobot)

What we find to be the top qualities of Lite3 quadruped by DEEPRobotics:

  • Expandability: It features an open modular structure, allowing for the integration of various add-ons.
  • Advanced Mobility: Can perform impressive maneuvers like front flips, back flips, and high jumps.
  • Intelligent Navigation and Smart Algorithms: Equipped with advanced sensors, smart perception, and more to handle complex tasks and environments.
  • Real-Time Interaction: Users can monitor its state in real-time and experience low-latency image transmission with a first-person view.
  • Industrial-Level Control: Despite being designed for research and education, it boasts an industrial-grade control system.

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