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Unitree G1: An Impressive Humanoid You Can Actually Afford

Creator: Unitree

Country: China

Year: 2024


A kid-sized humanoid that's both affordable and high-tech! Meet Unitree G1 redefining what it means to make humanoids accessible

Status: Commercially available

Operation: Autonomous

Robot Type / Domain: Multi/General-Purpose, Research, Educational

Tasks: Research and Development, Educational, Experiments

Whimsical Intro (by addoobot)

A humanoid making it rain—well, with a price tag of a used car, it sure feels that way! Sounds like a dream, right? The folks at Unitree Robotics have turned this fantasy into reality with their latest creation, the Unitree G1. But there is more to this humanoid than affordability!

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Introduction to Unitree G1: An Impressive and Affordable Child-Sized Humanoid

The Unitree G1 is a compact, child-sized humanoid robot, standing at about 127 cm tall and weighing approximately 47 kg. It's the much more budget-friendly sibling to Unitree’s H1, a full-size humanoid. It combines both affordability and advanced functionalities. This combination is possible because of Unitree's expertise and clever engineering, such as designing almost all the hardware in-house. 

Why is Unitree G1 a Big Deal

For one, the starting price point is just $16,000, making Unitree G1 an astonishingly affordable option when compared to the Unitree H1 and other humanoid robots out there. But this drastic price reduction does not come at the expense of functionality. Instead, it is the culmination of years of research and development by Unitree, leveraging technologies and expertise honed through the creation of the H1​.

Application and Use Cases: Perfect for Researchers, Educators, and Enthusiasts

The G1 is a dream come true for researchers, educators, and robotics enthusiasts. This is because it is not only affordable but offers exceptional capabilities, such as 360-degree perception and a great range of motion. Imagine running your experiments on a robot that can adapt, learn, and fully utilize the new skills given to it. Therefore, the Unitree G1 serves as an excellent platform for developing and testing new algorithms and robotic applications. It is also ideal for demos, teaching, and showcasing new humanoid skills. 

Small Size, Big Capabilities

Don’t let its size fool you, the Unitree G1 comes with great features. For starters, it has 23 to 43 joints, meaning it has an incredible range of motion. Whether it's bending, twisting, or reaching objects with ease, this extensive range of motion provides flexibility that surpasses that of a human. For example, in a video by Unitree, the G1 is shown to fold itself into a compact configuration, making it portable and easy to carry. 

The Unitree G1 can also walk at 2 meters per second, a great performance for a humanoid robot of its size. In addition, it has dexterous hands, equipped with three-finger force control, which enables it to handle various delicate tasks with precision, such as picking up and manipulating eggs. 

Other Features and Benefits of Unitree G1

The G1 humanoid comes with depth cameras and LiDAR, providing it with a 360-degree view of its environment. Combined with its AI capabilities,  this 360-degree perception means that the G1 can navigate and interact with its surroundings with impressive accuracy and reliability.

The battery life? About two hours per charge, with a design that allows for quick and easy replacement​.

Unitree has also equipped the G1 with advanced AI capabilities, allowing it to learn and improve over time. This robot uses imitation and reinforcement learning, meaning it can watch and mimic actions to get better at tasks. Plus, it’s part of Unitree’s UnifoLM (Unitree Robot Unified Large Model) platform, a co-creation space for developing new AI models. 

Brief History

It all started from the love for legged robots, turning a master's degree project into a great product. But Wang Xingxing, the CEO and Founder of Unitree Robotics, didn't stop there. He led the company, officially founded in 2016, to give us several Unitree quadruped robots that are adored by many around the world. Then in 2023, Unitree introduced H1, their first full-size humanoid robot, and it did not disappoint. In May 2024, Unitree introduced the smaller sibling, Unitree G1, at a significantly lower price point. 

Technical Specifications (best specs out of all products)

Max. Size: 450L  200W  1270H (mm)

Max. Size: 17.717L  7.874W  50.000H (in)

Max. Payload: 3 kg (per arm)

Max. Payload: 6.614 lbs (per arm)

Weight: 35 kg

Weight: 77.162 lbs

Max. Locomotion Speed: 2 m/s

Max. Locomotion Speed: 6.562 ft/s

Max. Slope: N/A

Battery Operated? Yes

Average Runtime: 2 hr(s)

Max. Runtime: N/A

Battery Recharge Time: N/A

Locomotion Type: Legs/Walking

DOFs per Arm: 7

DOFs per Leg: 6

DOFs (total): 43

IP Rating: N/A

Operating Temperature: N/A

Open-source? N/A

Price: $16000 USD

Torque: Max. for knee joint: 120N.m

Joint Movement: Waist z-axis joint:±155° • Knee joint:0~165° • Hip joint:P±154°, R-30~+170°, Y±158°

Sensors: Depth Camera+3D LiDAR

Controller & Computing: 8-core high-performance CPU • NVIDIA Jetson Orin (optional)

Power supply: 13 string lithium battery

Battery: 9000mAh

Data Transmission / Communication: WiFi 6 • Bluetooth 5.2

No more specs to show.

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Comment by addoobot - Our Perspective

Sure, the G1 might not replace human workers anytime soon. Its smaller size means it can’t reach high shelves or carry heavy loads like its bigger sibling, the H1. But as a research and development tool, it’s unbeatable. It’s perfect for testing out new algorithms and getting a feel for what works before moving on to full-sized robots.

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The Unitree G1 may not be as powerful as its sibling, the Unitree H1, but our opinion is that it definitely scores higher on the 'addoorable' scale! Tell us your opinion below.

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