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Tesla Optimus Gen 2: An Elegant Humanoid with Serious Power

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Country: United States of America

Year: 2023


With a beautiful design and advanced features, learn how the second-generation Optimus by Tesla can handle an egg or work in manufacturing

Status: Prototype, In development

Operation: Autonomous

Robot Type / Domain: Multi/General-Purpose, Industrial

Tasks: Dangerous, Repetitive, or Boring Tasks, Manufacturing Tasks

Whimsical Intro (by addoobot)

A humanoid with a pretty face doing squats – not to grow its glutes, but to show off its moves! It's got the moves, the grooves, and the grace to handle an egg with the precision of a chef – maybe a junior chef now, but a master chef in the making!

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Introducing Optimus Gen 2 by Tesla
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Tesla Optimus Gen 2 in manufacturing setting
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Optimus moving gracefully, sorting blocks, & doing yoga
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An interesting update on Optimus Gen 1 by Tesla

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Intro to Tesla's Optimus Gen 2 - From Skepticism to Shocking the World

The initial iteration of Optimus was met with skepticism, but with the introduction of the latest version, Optimus Gen 2, this humanoid robot has proven to be a game-changer. With significant improvements in both design and performance, Optimus Gen 2 is creating excitement and building considerable anticipation for future developments. 

In a video by Tesla introducing Optimus Gen 2, the advanced walking, balancing, and movement capabilities of the robot were demonstrated. In another video, the humanoid robot showcased its practical applications by moving battery cells from one tray to another in a manufacturing setting. 

A Glance Back at Optimus Gen 1

The initial generation of Tesla's Optimus robot was nothing short of remarkable engineering. It demonstrated exceptional flexibility and control by carrying out tasks such as sorting colored blocks and maintaining a yoga pose.

The initial generation Optimus was already lightweight with a great payload. Optimus Gen 1 was 173 cm tall (5'8'') and weighed 57 kilograms (125 lbs). It was able to carry loads of up to 20 kg (45 lbs). These early capabilities laid the foundation for the advancements seen in Optimus Gen 2.

What's Special About Optimus Gen 2: Enhanced Capabilities and Design

The introduction of Optimus Gen 2 came with an impressive 30% boost in walking speed. This is a critical improvement since a fast walking speed is a significant challenge in humanoid robotics, and this enhancement opens new possibilities for Optimus in dynamic environments.

Another notable improvement is the 10 kg weight reduction, which makes Optimus lighter, enhancing portability and safety. In addition, a lighter humanoid means greater versatility to be deployed in more varied settings. Tesla has outlined that this enhancement did not come at the cost of performance.

One of the very attractive features of Optimus Gen 2 is its new 11-DoF hands with tactile sensing on all fingers. This feature aligns well with addressing the challenge of making humanoids as dexterous and agile as humans. Thus, the new hands enable Optimus to have the capability of sensing and manipulating delicate objects (such as glass cups) and other items with varying complexity.

Other Features and Benefits of Optimus Gen 2

Tesla has equipped Optimus Gen 2 with Tesla-designed actuators and sensors. Having custom-designed components that are made to work harmoniously with the robot's overall design will significantly help with achieving optimal performance, especially when the components are designed by a reputable company such as Tesla.

Equipping a humanoid to have human-like movements means that the humanoid can perform better because we have designed the world around us to suit our movements and limits. Optimus is also designed to mimic human movements more accurately, for example, through its human-like foot geometry and articulated toe section.

Optimus Gen 2 also has other impressive features such as a 2-DoF actuated neck, enhanced balance and full-body control, and state-of-the-art intelligence. These features enable it to autonomously perform various complex tasks, thus making Optimus a valuable asset not only in manufacturing but potentially in other sectors as well.

Brief History

The journey of Optimus started when Tesla announced its work on the humanoid robot in August 2021. The first prototype, named Bumblebee, was shown to the public in September 2022. Then, in March 2023, Optimus Gen 1 was introduced, capturing the interest of many around the world with its amazing functionalities. In September 2023, Tesla released a video of Optimus carrying out incredible moves and tasks. A few months later, in December 2023, Tesla shocked the world with its Optimus Gen 2, which has substantial improvements over its predecessor. Tesla's ongoing advancements in AI and robotics suggest that the company is steadily moving towards its goal of creating a versatile, general-purpose humanoid robot.

Technical Specifications

• 30% walk speed boost

• 10kg total weight reduction without sacrifice

• Faster, 11-DoF brand-new hands

Battery Operated? Yes

Locomotion Type: Legs/Walking

No more specs to show.

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Comment by addoobot - Our Perspective

The Optimus humanoid came with many controversies, some of which were a result of Elon Musk saying that the selling of Optimus will start by the end of 2025. Some critics expressed skepticism about its operation, with some even suggesting that certain functions were performed through teleoperation. But despite the initial controversies and skepticism, we believe one thing for sure: Tesla and Elon Musk have a track record of successfully bringing several disruptive and highly ambitious projects to life. With continued advancements, we are confident that this robot will make a huge stride in the world of humanoids. What do you think? Let us know below.

addoorable score:
With its sleek design and black chassis, we find Optimus Gen 2 to give off a polished and elegant vibe. Thus, we rate it as 'addoorable' and modern. What's your take?

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