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Cobots by Doosan: Versatile and Sleek for all Sorts of Tasks

company logo for Doosan Robotics Doosan Robotics

Country: South Korea

Year: 2015


These versatile and stylish collaborative robot arms come in different series, each series with unique capabilities for a set of application

Status: Commercially available

Operation: Autonomous, Teleoperation, Collaborative

Robot Type / Domain: Multi/General-Purpose, Industrial, Service

Tasks: Palletizing, Machine Tending, Object Handling, Welding, Serving, & More

Whimsical Intro (by addoobot)

Embrace the curves! Well, not on the robot snake, but on the sleek and nimble design of Doosan cobots. While they may not be as curvy and flexible as a snake robot yet, they are certainly engineered with great dexterity, payload capacity, and reach.

Major Events or News

  • In April 2013, Doosan Robotics announced its latest cobot yet (the E-SERIES) which is specially created to help with serving food and beverages. It is NSF-certified and has IP66 rating making it suitable for the intended application. 

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DR. PRESSO serving people

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Introduction to Doosan Collaborative Robots

The number of applications for which a cobot can be deployed is endless, but for each application, a particular cobot with the right features and properties is desired. This is what makes Doosan cobots versatile - instead of offering a few cobots to apply to a wide range of applications, Doosan provides a diverse range of cobots suitable for every application. 

From their fast and cost-effective A-Series, to their powerful H-Series with 25 kg payload and 6 torque sensors, and their high-quality premium M-Series for sophisticated tasks needing high-dexterity - Doosan has it all. In addition, their latest NSF-certified cobot (E-Series) is ideal for the food and beverage industry having an IP66 accreditation (for resistance against both dust and water jets).

Doosan Robotics also provide a camera robot named NINA (a cobot that helps you do amazing camera wrok and shootings) and a Robot Cafe named DR. PRESSO (an unmanned modular robot cafe with a cobot inside that can work 24/7 without rest). 

A Quick Glance at the Cobots Within Each Doosan Cobot Series

The A-Series cobots are not only fast but also competitive in pricing. 

  • A0509 & A0509s: 5 kg payload with a reach of 900 mm and ±0.03mm repeatability. 
  • A0912 & A0912s: 9 kg payload with a reach of 1200 mm and ±0.05mm repeatability. 

The M-Series cobots feature 6 high-tech torque sensors for exceptional safety with high-level control and compliance. 

  • M0609: 6 kg payload with a reach of 900 mm and ±0.03 mm repeatability. 
  • M0617: 6 kg payload with a reach of 1700 mm and ±0.1 mm repeatability. 
  • M1013: 10 kg payload with a reach of 1300 mm and ±0.05 mm repeatability. 
  • M1509: 15 kg payload with a reach of 900 mm and ±0.03 mm repeatability. 

The powerful H-Series cobots are for high-payload tasks that require great safety, flexibility, and reach. 

  • H2017: 20 kg payload with a reach of 1700 mm and ±0.1 mm repeatability. 
  • H2515: 25 kg payload with a reach of 1500 mm and ±0.1 mm repeatability. 

The E-Series cobot (E0509) which is specially designed for the food and beverage industry has a 5 kg payload with a 900 mm reach and ±0.05mm Repeatability. 

Applications and Use Cases of Doosan Cobots

These cobots are capable of being deployed for a wide range of applications. The below table is a simplified guide to the main applications suitable for each series.

Main Application A-Series M-Series H-Series
Machine Tending X X X
Palletizing     X
Heavy Object Handling                         X
Pick and Place X    
Packaging X    
Inspection X    
Air Blowing X    
Gluing and Bonding X X  
Polishing and Deburring X X  
Assembly X X  
Welding   X  
Plastic Injection Support   X  
Press Forming   X  
Welding   X  
Service   X  

What Makes Doosan Cobots Special

Not only does this diversified lineup of cobots with great payload capacity (5 to 25 kg) and reach (900 to 1700 mm) make them suitable for all sorts of tasks, but they are also exceptional in terms of safety, ease of use, and flexibility.

The advanced safety features of these cobots, such as their specialized safety zones and compliance with international safety standards, combined with easy programming (one-touch programming and user-friendly interface) enable their utilization across a variety of tasks. In addition, these cobots are designed to be flexible; e.g., they offer a platform named Doosan Mate which enables the integration of various industry-leading tools and products allowing users to tailor solutions to their specific needs. 

Other Features & Benefits of Doosan Collaborative Robot Arms

In addition to the features presented above, these cobots can be enhanced through various options. For example, a six-button control unit can be integrated for a simplified operation, or a mobile base can be incorporated to move the robot around with ease. A smart vision may also be mounted to the end of the robot for tasks such as inspection and measurement. 

For optimal operation and maintenance, a special robot jacket can be utilized to protect it (e.g., for dirty tasks), a stain-resistant finish can be chosen, and a dress pack can be used to organize the cables connecting to the robot’s end tools. 

Brief History

Doosan Group is known and well-established for its engineering and innovation amongst other qualities. In 2014, they decided to be part of the expanding field of cobots and as such, in 2015, they founded Doosan Robotics as an independent corporation. 

The first four of their cobots (M-Series) were introduced in September 2017 in Roboworld. They introduced the H-Series and the A-Series in July 2020. Their latest series (E-Series) was presented in April 2023

Throughout this journey, Doosan Robotics continued to have significant growth, received many awards, and participated in numerous exhibits and events. 

Technical Specifications (best specs out of all products)

Max. Reach: 1700 mm

Max. Reach: 66.929 in

Payload: 25 kg

Payload: 55.116 lbs

Max. Payload: 25 kg

Max. Payload: 55.116 lbs

Pose Repeatability: ± 0.03 mm

Pose Repeatability: ± 0.001 in

Weight: 21 kg

Weight: 46.297 lbs

Battery Operated? No, Tethered

Arm Type: Articulated, Collaborative

Number of Axes: 6 DoF

IP Rating: IP54

Mounting: Floor, Ceiling, Wall, Any desired angle

Footprint: N/A

Operating Temperature: -5 ℃ to 45 ℃

Operating Temperature: 23.000 ℉ to 113.000 ℉

IP rating of E-Series: IP66 (suitable for the food and beverage industry)

Tool Speed: 1 m/s

No more specs to show.

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We think that what makes these cobots by Doosan Robotics stand out is their versatility in offering a wide range of models tailored to various applications. 

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We love the sleek curves on these cobots, they have them in all the right places! We find them simply addoorable! We hope you do too! Drop us a comment below.

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