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Cobots: UR3e, UR5e, UR16e, UR10e, UR20, and UR30

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Country: Denmark

Year: 2005


Universal Robots offers collaborative robot arms that are compact, lightweight, and reliable, with payloads ranging from 3kg to 30kg.

Status: Commercially available

Operation: Autonomous, Teleoperation, Collaborative

Robot Type / Domain: Multi/General-Purpose, Industrial

Tasks: Material Handling, Palletizing, Welding, Machine Tending, Assembly, & More

Whimsical Intro (by addoobot)

Universal Robots' cobots are the true kings of collaboration - being the pioneers in the field and leading the way in collaborative robotics, these robots are the undisputed gangstas with astounding compactness, reliability, precision, and high-performance swagger.

Major Events or News

  • Near the end of 2023, Universal Robots' latest cobot, UR30, was introduced at iREX 2023. This compact cobot has an impressive 30 kg payload with a reach of 1300 mm.

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Intro to Universal Robots - a leading provider of cobots
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UR30 collaborative robot - compact with a payload of 30kg !
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A speed comparison of UR10e & UR20 carrying max. payload
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Introduction to UR20 taking performance to new heights

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What Do Universal Robots' Cobots Do

They are designed to be safe and compact to be used along side humans to perform various tasks, particularly those that are dull, repetitive, or tedious.

These cobots are versatile and adaptable such that they can be used across various applications and businesses. They are also light-weight to enable easy transportation and production setup without the need for major changes to the production floor layouts.

Programming these cobots is also made to be easy and convenient.

Types of Cobots from Universal Robots

  • UR30: Heavy payload (30 kg) cobot that is compact and has a reach of 1300 mm for handling heavy products.
  • UR20: Heavy payload (20 kg) with long reach of 1750 mm and faster speeds for handling heavy objects over longer distances.
  • UR16e: With a 16 kg payload and a compact design (900 mm reach), it is ideal for work-spaces with limited space that still require heavy objects to be moved with high precision and reliability.
  • UR10e: With a payload of 10 kg and a reach of 1300 mm designed for medium duty applications.
  • UR5e: A small size cobot with a payload of 5 kg and a reach of 850 mm - for performance with precision and flexibility.
  • UR3e: The smallest cobot by Universal Robots with a payload of 3 kg and a reach of 500 mm - great for tight workspaces.

Applications and Use Cases of Universal Robots' Cobots

  • PALLETTIZING: Arrangement of goods onto pallets efficiently and securely for transportation or storage.
  • WELDING: The process of merging materials together using thermal energy or force, usually in the context of manufacturing.
  • MACHINE TENDING: Operation and control of machinery to ensure smooth production processes.
  • ASSEMBLY: Connecting components or bits to produce final products.
  • DISPENSING: Controlled release of a substance e.g., liquids, powders into containers such as packaging, bottles or pipes.
  • FINISHING: Process like polishing, painting, coating and other treatments that enhances the look, behaviour and usefulness of a product.
  • MATERIAL HANDLING: Moving materials or objects across multiple locations such as loading and unloading packages.
  • MATERIAL REMOVAL: Cutting, reshaping or eliminating extra materials from workpieces to achieve desired shapes/dimensions.
  • QUALITY INSPECTION: Assessing finished products or parts against specified requirements/standards.
  • AND MORE !

What Makes Universal Robots' Cobots Special

Given Universal Robots' position as pioneers in the field, their cobots have been deployed in various industries and applications right from the beginning. This experience and expertise have resulted in continuous improvement and groundbreaking advancements in the world of cobots. Hence, over 75,000 of these cobots are deployed and trusted by various worldwide companies that are market leaders (such as Ford).

In addition, Universal Robots offer cobots for all sorts of applications, from those needing a compact design for small workspaces to those requiring large payloads with extensive reach – and everything in between; all with exceptional reliability, accuracy, precision, and speed.

Brief History

Universal Robots was founded in 2005 with the aim of making robots accessible to small and medium size businesses by utilizing collaborative robots (cobots) that can be programmed and used in ways that are convenient and safe.

In 2008, Universal Robots started selling their first product, the UR5, which has a payload of 5kg. This was followed by the UR10 in 2012, and the UR3 in 2015. In 2015, Universal Robots was acquired by Teradyne Inc. for $285 million.

In 2018, the e-Series (UR3e, UR5e, UR10e, UR16e) were introduced for enhanced performance and faster deployment. By 2020, Universal Robots had sold 50 thousand cobots.

From 2019 onwards, the company has focused on cobots with higher payloads: the UR16e (with a payload of 16kg, introduced in 2019), the UR20 (with a payload of 20kg, introduced in 2022), and the UR30 (with a payload of 30kg, introduced at the end of 2023).

Technical Specifications (best specs out of all products)

Max. Reach: 1750 mm

Max. Reach: 68.898 in

Payload: 30 kg

Payload: 66.139 lbs

Max. Payload: 30 kg

Max. Payload: 66.139 lbs

Pose Repeatability: N/A

Weight: 11.2 kg

Weight: 24.692 lbs

Battery Operated? No, Tethered

Arm Type: Articulated, Collaborative

Number of Axes: 6 DoF

IP Rating: IP65

Mounting: Floor, Ceiling, Wall, Any desired angle

Footprint: 128 mm × 128 mm (length × width)

Footprint: 5.039 in × 5.039 in (length × width)

Operating Temperature: 0 ℃ to 50 ℃

Operating Temperature: 32.000 ℉ to 122.000 ℉

Safety: 17 configurable safety functions

Noise: < 65 dB(A)

Humidity: 90 %RH (non-condensing)

Remote Control / Interface: 12 inch touchscreen with PolyScope graphical user interface

Material: Aluminium, Plastic, Steel

Certification: Depending on the model (e.g., in compliance with EN ISO 13849-1 (PLd category 3) and EN ISO 10218-1) | Cleanroom feature

No more specs to show.

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Comment by addoobot - Our Perspective

We are of the opinion that these cobots by Universal Robots are amongst the best of the best in the market. While there may be cheaper options available, these cobots by Universal Robots have come a long way and are still affordable with a huge advantage of them being highly reliable and easy to setup / program.

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It's hard to make a highly professional robot look very adorable, but we think the latest robot (UR30) looks more aesthetically pleasing. What do you think? Comment below.

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