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Lunar Rover: Lunar Exploration & Infrastructure Development

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Country: United States of America

Year: 2016


GITAI Lunar Rover is a groundbreaking marvel of affordability and high-performance engineering for lunar exploration and construction tasks

Status: Prototype, In development

Operation: Autonomous

Robot Type / Domain: Research, Space

Tasks: Lunar Exploration, Lunar Infrastructure Development

Whimsical Intro (by addoobot)

Who says you can't have your cake and eat it too? Meet the GITAI Lunar Rover: affordable and with out-of-this-world innovation - pun intended.

Major Events or News

  • In March 2024, GITAI conducted a successful demonstration in a mock lunar environment. The demonstration, which was 'first of its kind', showcased the construction of a 5-meter communication tower. The Lunar Rover and three of GITAI's Inchworm Robots were utilized.

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Demonstration of the Lunar Rover in a mock lunar environment
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Demonstration of building a 5-meter communication tower
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Lunar base construction in a mock lunar surface environment
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A tour of GITAI's facilities and office in the US

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Introduction to Lunar Exploration - GITAI Lunar Rover

We are living in exciting times —  there are increasingly more innovative technologies paving the way for groundbreaking developments in lunar explorations. Among these innovations is the GITAI Lunar Rover. 

The rover has two robotic arms that can collaborate effectively to carry out complex tasks. In addition, the way the base and wheels of the rover are designed allows it to have the flexibility needed to traverse the challenging terrain and avoid obstacles. Thus, the rover is versatile and can handle various challenges that come with exploration and carrying out work on the Moon. 

An attractive feature of the GITAI Lunar Rover is its design focus on affordability — a significant challenge facing many space exploration missions. However, affordability does not come at the expense of performance; the Lunar Rover project masterfully balances high performance with affordability.

Applications and Use Cases of the GITAI Lunar Rover

The rover can be equipped with robotic arms (e.g., GITAI's Inchworm Robots or the S2 dual-arms), which enable it to manipulate objects and perform various intricate tasks. By incorporating these dexterous and collaborative arms, the Lunar Rover can assemble intricate infrastructure and be used in the construction of communication antennas, solar panels, and even habitat modules. These types of construction work are the main focus of the rover; however, it could also be used for repair, maintenance, inspection, and other similar tasks.

What Makes the GITAI Lunar Rover Special - Features and Benefits

Other than the dual-arm manipulation system that allows it to perform complex tasks, the GITAI Lunar Rover has a set of special features, some of which include:

  • In-house development: While developing various hardware and software in-house can be time-consuming and requires significant effort, it offers GITAI better control over the quality and functionality of the Lunar Rover. This means that the components and software development are tailored for the rover to achieve optimum performance and reliability. 
  • High-power actuation: The actuators must be high-performing to handle the rough conditions that may be present during the mission. Thus, the actuation system is not only high-speed (for efficiency, quick response to changing conditions such as traversing complex terrain, etc.) but also high-torque (for lifting or manipulating heavy objects, overcoming obstacles such as craters and rocks, traversing terrain with varying soil densities, etc.).
  • Reliability: Any system deployed for operations in space needs to be very reliable. The Lunar Rover continuously goes through various tests to ensure exceptional reliability. However, an interesting feature of the rover is its ability to provide real-time logging as well as a diagnostics framework to enhance reliability. These features enable operators to monitor the rover's operation and address any issues that may arise during the mission.

Demonstrating Success: Field Tests and Future Missions

The rover has already been extensively tested to ensure it is capable of actual lunar missions. These tests were carried out in environments that mimic the lunar surface, such as the Mojave Desert. These tests included navigation capabilities (e.g., obstacle avoidance in rough terrain), infrastructure construction (e.g., assembling solar panels and welding), and lunar resource extraction. Looking forward, the GITAI Lunar Rover is scheduled for a lunar mission by 2025 to conduct technology demonstrations.

Brief History

GITAI was founded in Tokyo (Japan) in July 2016. In October 2023, they moved their headquarters to Torrance, United States. The company aims to provide affordable, efficient, and innovative robotic solutions for the space industry, lunar exploration, and the construction of various infrastructures in space. 

By 2021, GITAI had made significant advances in the field. They introduced the prototype of the Lunar Robotic Rover in July 2021, and since then, they have made numerous improvements to this robot with successful demonstrations (e.g., the construction of a communication tower in March 2024). 

GITAI plans to launch the Lunar Robotic Rover to the moon by the late 2020s.

Technical Specifications

Size: 1800L  1492W  942.5H (mm)

Size: 70.866L  58.740W  37.106H (in)

Max. Payload: N/A

Weight: 280 kg

Weight: 617.294 lbs

Max. Locomotion Speed: 0.24 m/s

Max. Locomotion Speed: 0.787 ft/s

Max. Slope: N/A

Battery Operated? N/A

Average Runtime: N/A

Max. Runtime: N/A

Battery Recharge Time: N/A

Number of Axes: N/A

Number of Wheels: 4

Wheels: Omnidirectional, Other

Manipulation: arm, other

IP Rating: N/A

Operating Temperature: N/A

Open-source? N/A

Price: N/A

Wheel dimension: 0.6 [m] x 0.25 [m]

Others: Dust mitigation on actuation units • Anchor point • Supports additional interface for payload, sensors etc

Options: Haz Cam for navigation • Inchworm Robot Arm for general task execution

Sensors: IMU(VN-100) • Absolute encoder (for rocker link angle)

Controller & Computing: Jetson Xavier • Actuation Controller: Distributed Controllers for each arm joint and each wheel unit

Actuators: Brushless DC Motor • Rated Maximum Angular Velocity of Actuators: 143 deg/s @ 24V input; 285 deg/s @ 48V input

Power supply: Drive Power Supply: 36-48 Vdc

Power Consumption: 115-1500 W

Data Transmission / Communication: Internal Communication Bus: EtherCAT, ethernet

No more specs to show.

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Comment by addoobot - Our Perspective

What we like about the Lunar Rover is that, unlike many other rovers, it's not just a mobile base; it's made to conveniently incorporate a dual-arm manipulator to carry out various intricate tasks such as maintenance, assembly, and construction work. Additionally, it was built from the ground up by a great and experienced team to obtain better control over its quality, reliability, and performance.

addoorable score:
The robot has a somewhat 'addoorable' charm, especially when the semi-humanoid-looking dual-arm manipulation is utilized. However, the powerful, mighty-looking, and professional design makes it a bit less 'addoorable' in the traditional sense. What's your take? let us know below.

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